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People Eat Bug Bars While Getting Quizzed on Gross Bug Facts

BuzzFeed // TBS & Snowpiercer 

Hannah Takes Her Son On His First Roller Coaster 

BuzzFeed // Paramount Picture & Wonder Park

Young Couple Find Their Dream Home For Their Fur Baby

BuzzFeed //

Why I Believe Aliens Exist

BuzzFeed // Roswell, New Mexico on The CW

The Cast Of The Gifted Gives Puppies Mutant Code Names 

BuzzFeed // The Gifted On Fox

Kids Explain What Orthodontists Do

BuzzFeed // American Association of Orthodontists

A More Honest Breakfast Commercial 

BuzzFeed // belVita Breakfast Bars

People Afraid Of Heights Go Paragliding

BuzzFeed // Visit San Diego 

Parents And Kids Compare Their College Experiences 

BuzzFeed // XFINITY

I Can Do 1,000 Push-Ups 

Today Was Bad - Doris 

Today Was Bad - Emmett 

Today Was Bad - Lyle 

Today Was Bad - Teaser 

Moments When You Miss Information

BuzzFeed // BAND

Kelsey And Jen Become A Hero And A Villain For A Day

BuzzFeed // CW Batwoman 

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